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  • "Sheila's first homework assignment to me when I was seventeen was to correct me on my statement, 'I want to be a singer'. She looked me in the eye and said ever so firmly, 'You already are a singer; now let's see what you've got'.........Learning to believe in those words, the rest became a joyous journey. Over and over they echo through me in the doubtful moments and lift me when I face a daunting piece of music. Peering into the musical heart of every student, Sheila invites each unique voice to the surface and sends it out into the world. Working with her energizing and enlightening technique has propelled my voice and musical career to an entirely different place, one that I could only dream of when I was that seventeen-year-old girl. Wherever this curious path leads me, I am always a singer." Laura Bradley, Singer, Composer, Recording and Concert Artist


  • "Sheila is an immensely gifted singer and vocal coach. Her teaching is a joyous process that helps singers find beauty and power in their voices that they did not previously suspect. Her generous enthusiasm and specific, focused guidance free her students from detrimental vocal habits and lead them to soar musically. I feel fortunate to have had Sheila as a voice coach and value enormously the wonderful training she has provided." Donna Hanover, New York TV Host, TV and Movie Actor, Author 


  • "I cannot say that Sheila Barish is a good voice teacher...That would be like saying Michelangelo's David is a nice carving...Sheila's uniquely holistic approach to vocal dynamics far transcends the confines of conventional voice training. Her method engages the body, mind, and spirit. She sets the bar so very high...Then she teaches you to fly! I've been singing and performing professionally for about 30 years and I still consistently employ the techniques that I learned from Sheila. She was my first and last voice teacher...She is the only one I will ever entrust my instrument to." Jon-Roi Vega, Musical Theatre Performer, Soloist in many S. Florida spiritual venues, Recording Artist 


  • "Sheila Barish has been one of the most influential people I've had the pleasure of knowing. She dares to do, as a teacher, what most people don't attempt as human beings. Most importantly, she showed me how to believe in myself, to isolate myself from my environment, forget about all facts and opinions, and just focus on my entire being in the moment. At my first lesson, heart pounding, palms sweaty, I thought, 'Today I'm meeting someone who is going to tell me everything I'm doing wrong.' Unexpectedly, she was a beautiful surprise. Her approach was totally innovative and motivating, blending method and philosophy like an educational jambalaya......to change the voice through change of life.....musical study that was also therapeutic. Words cannot express the gratitude I hold, but if I could describe classes with Sheila in one sentence it would be: Studying with Sheila is as refreshing as dancing in the rain." Miguel Ruiz, Singer, Composer, Co-founder of the group, UNISON, Recording and Concert Artist 


  • "One of the best personal and professional choices I've ever made was to study the art of the vocal process with Sheila Barish. Instead of just teaching me how to sing, she taught me to approach singing as an everyday positive ritual which, after 15 years and currently over 200 professional performances per year, I still follow for consistently beautiful vocal sound and health. Sheila's unique language of positive visualization and user friendly metaphors helped me transcend the jargon and develop understanding of essential but mysterious and elusive vocal mechanisms, such as the diaphragm and soft palate. She really instilled a good work ethic in me, which I have applied to the voice, as well as in other musical and non-musical arenas, and everyday life, with much success.......Since studying with Sheila, I have sung professionally in many different styles and languages, traversing the musical genres from classical to Broadway, jazz, rock, blues, Brazilian and pan Latin styles. Since 2000, from my adopted base in New York, I have performed primarily with my Cuban roots band, Jose Conde y Ola Fresca, in many prestigious festivals, venues and events across the U.S. and have begun developing a following worldwide. We have recorded 2 internationally acclaimed CDs and achieved distribution through Universal Records on the latest one titled Ay! Que Rico. Constant with me throughout my vocal, musical, and spiritual journey are the words, lessons, and valuable time I spent with Sheila." Jose Conde, Singer, Composer, Arranger, Guitarist, Recording and Concert Artist


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